I would like to share my experience with Ray Moorhouse and his team with you all. A friend of mine John told me if I was going to sell I should use this guy Ray Moorhouse. John highly recommended him. I decided to contact Ray and see for myself. I set up an appointment to meet Ray. Ray came to the house, we sat and discussed his marketing approach on selling houses for about an hour. He explained to me what he does for his clients. He also told me about his team that works real closely with him. With that being said, I was sold. I signed up with the Ray Moorhouse team. I was excited and felt good about this deal. Ray knew the Cinnaminson area very well as he lived about half mile from my house. He knew exactly what buyers were looking for in the area which I thought wsa a bonus. Ray and team communicated constantly from day 1 when we signed the contract until the closing was done. Ray provided us with both good and bad feedback on the house from potential buyers. He advised us on what tweeks we should do as a result of the feedback. Working with Ray was a pleasure, we had become friends as a result of our meeting. We still are in contact today. I look forward to reading his real estate news letter he publishes monthly. He offers up great tips for home buyers and sellers. Thanks again Ray and team for your excellent guidence and support during our sales process. Steve DeMay Cinnaminson, N.J.

— User6269403